"The commitment to absolute technical precision, which these sculptures exhibit, would undoubtedly have appealed to the exacting production standards of Donald Judd. Vissers’ approach to making art has much in common with the pared down language of American minimalism, with which artists such as Judd and Dan Flavin are now associated. But her work also belongs to an older tradition of geometric abstraction that derives inspiration from the natural world."

Dr. Alistair Rider, art historian, lecturer in Art History at the University of St Andrews, UK​ - 2015


"Standing before a wall sculpture of Cecilia Vissers, it seems a crucial point to me that she is able to beautifully balance the experience of the mountain landscape and the experience of the resulting artwork. The two experiences – materially speaking, extremely divergent – she doesn't make equal, she makes them rhyme, that is, she makes them exchange meanings on several levels."

Dr. Cees de Boer, curator and art critic, Amsterdam, 2016


"Vissers’ shaped but hard edge minimalist sculptures are inspired by her love of landscape. An established artist from The Netherlands. Vissers keeps her pallet mostly to a very small number of colours (gray, black and orange being her mainstays) but by a deeply considered shaping of the object and thereby of the colours, the artist inspires a feeling of deep spacial awareness and understanding of the loneliness of being outdoors lost in the forces of huge mountains and deep lakes."

Paul Robertson, curator at Summerhall, Edinburgh, Oct. 2013


"Nature seems restless and unstable all across the world recently, but our meditations on its changeable state can sometimes result in the thing we define as art. Your work, restrained as it is, still manages to incorporate the vital yet ineffable sensation of being in 'emotional' touch with the 'other'--which is quite a remarkable thing in contemporary art."

Carl E. Hazelwood, artist, writer, curator, New York, March 2014


“The work of Cecilia Vissers compliments the artwork of Donald Judd. It reflects a new minimalism that goes beyond the formal elements of minimalism - a box is box, but incorporates more. Thus, while Vissers works in the minimalist aesthetic, she is presenting an abstraction of her relationship with nature. It is a powerful step - bringing an element of content to what is otherwise considered minimalist.”

Vilis Inde – Director inde/jacobs Gallery, Marfa TX, 2015






1988-1993  Academy of Fine Arts, ’s Hertogenbosch, Netherlands.


Solo exhibitions

2016   A moment in time, Floss&Schultz Gallery Cologne, DE

2015   Inde/Jacobs Gallery with Hadi Tabatabai, Marfa, TX, USA

2014   Faraway, Peter Foolen Editions, Eindhoven

2014   Soulmates, with Cor van Dijk, KuuB, Utrecht

2013   Time and Tide, Summerhall, Edinburgh, Scotland.

2013   Wind Swept, Galerie Corona Unger, Bremen, Germany.

2012   Ultima Thule, The Far North, Masters & Pelavin, New York.

2012   Match, Nouvelles Images Gallery, with Ditty Ketting, The Hague.

2010   Formal, Waterland Museum, Purmerend.

2010   En forme, Paris Concret  with E. Cruikshank, Paris.

2009   Canna, Element Gallery, Waalre.

2009   Gallery Nine, Amsterdam.

2008   Een Wolk van Staal, De Verdieping, Veldhoven.

2008   Priveekollektie Gallery, Heusden, Netherlands

2007   De Natris Gallery, Nijmegen, Netherlands

2006   In de Wandelgangen, BKKC, Breda, Netherlands

2005   De Vennen Gallery, with Dorien Melis, Stiphout, Netherlands

2002   Jan van Hoof Gallery, ‘s Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

1994   Jan van Hoof Gallery, ‘s Hertogenbosch, Netherlands



Group exhibitions

2016  Art Karlsruhe - Floss&Schultz Gallery Cologne, DE

2015  Zartheit, Floss&Schultz, Cologne, DE

2015  Multipleart Gallery, Zurich, CH

2015  Art.Fair with Floss & Schultz Cologne, Germany

2015  Opaque Transparancy, Look & Listen, St. Chamas FR

2015  Concrete Post, Raum 2810, Bonn, DE

2014  Opening Celebration, inde/jacobs, Marfa,TX

2015  Embodying Colour, Haus Metternich, Koblenz, DE

2015  Kleinbeeld 2, Waterland Museum, Purmerend

2014  Painting Black, Sylvia Wald and Po Kim Art Gallery, New York

2014  Faraway Nearby, Masters Projects, New York

2014  Sommerimpressionen, Corona Unger Gallery, Bremen, Germany

2014  Architectures du Silence, Gimpel/Müller Gallery, Paris, France

2014  Imaging Agent, Park, Tilburg

2014  Nothing but Good live, Park, Tilburg

2013  Ausklang und Auftakt, Corona Unger Gallery, Bremen, Germany

2013  TAB@Clement, Clement Gallery, Amsterdam

2013  Kollektie Waterland, Museum Waterland, Purmerend

2013  Legend Tripping, Masters&Pelavin, New York.

2013  Sommerimpressionen II, Corona Unger Gallery, Bremen, Germany.

2012  Same Same – but different, GKG, Bonn, Germany.

2012  A city sorrow built, Masters&Pelavin, New York.

2012  Collectables 5, Nouvelles Images Gallery, The Hague.

2012  Versos, Manuel Ojeda Gallery, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain.

2012  Die dritte Dimension, Corona Unger Gallery, Bremen, Germany.

2011  Preview, Corona Unger Gallery, Bremen, Germany.

2011  Farbe - Raum - Konzept/ Malerei, Schuette Gallery, Essen, Germany.

2011  A Field Guide to Getting Lost, Masters & Pelavin, New York.

2011  Art Amsterdam, Luiscius Books and Art.

2011  Saturation Point, The Gallery On The Corner, London.

2011  Jubilee exhibition Kokon Gallery, Tilburg.

2011  Colour Matters #6,  K09 gallery, Groningen.

2010  Rekkelijken en preciezen, Delft.

2010  Touch, curated by Brent Hallard, US, ParisCONCRET, Paris.

2010  One blue moment, Peter Foolen Editions (NL) - Schuette Gallery, Essen, Germany

2010  Art Amsterdam, Luiscius Books, Art - XX Multiple Gallery, Amsterdam.

2010  black is beautiful, cityhall Gorinchem.

2010  Art Rotterdam, Luiscius Books, Art/XX Multiple Gallery, Rotterdam, NL

2009  Drieluik, Tempus Arti, international triennial, curated by Jan Hoet, Belgium.

2009  Summershow, Gallery Nine, Amsterdam.

2009  Contrasten, Jan Heesters Museum, Schijndel.

2008  Gallery 15a, Lochem.

2007  Sculpture Garden, Cuyk.

2006  Sculpture Garden, Cuyk.

2004  Niet om te zitten, De Vierde Dimensie Gallery, Plasmolen.

2004  Galerie De Vennen, Stiphout.

2004  A Souvenir for Museum Van Loon, Museum van Loon, Galerie Ra, Amsterdam.

2003  Paradijs op de Grens,  Amstelglorie, Amsterdam.

2002  De Hof van Heden, Krot&Co Foundation, Bergen op Zoom.

2001  4 constructivists, De Vierde Dimensie Galllery, Plasmolen.

2001  Lindart, art in private gardens, Linden.

2001  Beelden in het Leendersbos, National Forestry Service, Leende.

1998  Buitenstebinnen, De Pronkkamer Museum, Uden.

1998  Jan van Hoof Galerie, 's Hertogenbosch.

1998  de Taal van Staal, Gorcums Museum, Gorinchem.

1997  Natuur in beeld, Loevestein Castle, Poederoyen.

1996  Jan van Hoof Gallery, ‘s Hertogenbosch.

1995  Salon II, Brabant Art Foundation, New Brabant Art Foundation/BKKC, Tilburg.

1994  Jan van Hoof Gallery, 's Hertogenbosch.

1994  Aktieradius in Dialogen, Dutch Sculptors Association, Daelenbroeck.



Awards, Prices and Residencies

2015  Consulate General of the Netherlands in New York, Grant, USA

2015  BKKC/IMPULSGELDEN, Grant, Tilburg, NL

2015  Stokroos Foundation Grant, Utrecht, NL

2015  Netherland-America Foundation Grant, New York, USA

2014  Heinrich Böll Foundation Residency, IRL

2012  Mondrian Foundation Residency, New York, NL

2012  Stokroos Foundation Grant, Utrecht, NL

2011  Mondrian Foundation Residency, New York, NL

2009  New Brabant Art Foundation Grant, Tilburg, NL

2009  Heinrich Böll Foundation Residency, IRL

2008  Virginie Janssens Foundation Residency, France, NL

2008  Stokroos Foundation Grant, Utrecht, NL

2008  New Brabant Art Foundation Grant, Tilburg, NL

2007  New Brabant Art Foundation Grant, Tilburg, NL

2006  New Brabant Art Foundation Grant, Tilburg, NL